Peter Baum - SAT Tutor

Having honed my skills in this business for over 27 years, I am convinced that you will receive the largest score improvements, most efficient service, and most comfortable atmosphere by working with me.

After graduating Paly, I began teaching SAT preparation classes as a freshman at Princeton and have been tutoring full-time since my graduation in 1988. Recently, I have raised the scores of students from schools including: Stuyvesant, Menlo, Sacred Heart, Paly, Gunn, St. Francis, Menlo-Atherton, University, Urban, Crystal Springs, Saint Ignatius, Los Altos, Castilleja, Collegiate and Horace Mann. I have also trained some of the Bay Area's top tutors.

Because I take the SAT at least once per year, my students will always have the most complete and up-to-date materials available.


Peter Baum is the best of the best when it comes to SAT tutoring.  My three children were faced with the daunting task of studying for the SAT their junior year of high school.  With Peter’s guidance and expertise, they were able to improve their scores tremendously.  After taking practice tests, he patiently instructed them in the areas that needed improvement, teaching and practicing these skills with them. In addition, Peter taught them practical and effective test -taking strategies that proved invaluable.  Always prompt and energetic, he related well to my children. 
Several years later, my oldest son was studying for the GRE, living on the east coast, and wanted some extra help to prepare for the exam.  He worked with Peter over Skype.  The results were equally impressive, with an outstanding score on the GRE and acceptance into Harvard Business School.
I highly recommend Peter Baum.  His style and approach around the SAT and test-taking strategies helped my children improve their test scores, which ultimately helped them with their college and graduate school application goals.

Freddy: Princeton 2007/Harvard 2012
Emily: Yale, 2009
Brian: Washington University in St. Louis 2012

Lauri and Jon Flaxman (Parents)
Gunn High School
Palo Alto, California