The premier SAT tutor in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 34 years, I offer personalized preparation for students of every learning style. Students will learn how to take the test in the most efficient manner possible, maximizing their scores in a minimum amount of time. I set up an individualized, step-by-step approach for each student, while also helping him or her become a more focused and savvy test-taker.

Having honed my skills in this business since 1988, I am convinced that you will receive the largest score improvements, most efficient service, and most comfortable atmosphere by working with me. After graduating Paly, I began teaching SAT preparation classes as a freshman at Princeton and have been tutoring full-time since my graduation.

My students come from some of the top schools in the area: Stuyvesant, Menlo, Sacred Heart, Paly, Gunn, St. Francis, Menlo-Atherton, University, Urban, Crystal Springs, Saint Ignatius, Los Altos, Castilleja, Collegiate and Horace Mann.

I do everything possible to ensure that my students have the best materials available. To that end, I've taken the SAT about 50 times over the years. I have used those materials to train a number of other tutors, including the founders of AJ Tutoring.