I provide in-home, 1-on-1 tutoring for standardized tests, primarily the SAT, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each lesson is 90 minutes, and it generally requires about 8-9 lessons to prepare a student for the test. I'm comfortable working with a wide variety of learning styles, including both LD and accelerated students. Homework is either a short assignment (usually about 30-45 minutes) or a full-length SAT. I meet with students during the school day (if there's a long block of free time), after school, evenings, and Sundays.

I prepare students for the PSAT, as well as the Math and Literature SAT II subject tests.

I also work with adults preparing for the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT.


Pete Baum is a master. He has more insight into how to teach the SAT than anyone else in the business. While most tutors make vague claims about “customizing” their teaching to the individual student, Pete has developed myriad methods to diagnose and resolve subtle patterns of thinking that hold back students’ scores. Here's just one example: he uses one approach for (the majority of) math students who are algebraically inclined, but has also devised an entirely different (and exceptionally clever) approach for those with a numerical bent. In my 28 years as a test prep professional—and the owner of a large, New York-based test prep firm—I have never met a tutor who matches Pete’s resourcefulness in raising scores. And, unlike many equally well-credentialed but less skilled tutors, he performs his craft efficiently, usually requiring no more than 13 hours with a student to work his magic. If you’re serious about raising your child’s SAT scores, look no further than Peter Baum.
Frank S. Pomilla
President, TestTakers