We wanted our child to have every advantage when applying to college and had heard that Peter Baum was the best SAT tutor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Consequently, my wife put him on Peter’s wait-list when he was a freshman. Since Peter is a one-man operation, he collects information on the current SAT himself – by taking it several times a year. I have never asked, but my bet is that he gets a 2,400 each time. Peter worked with our son on the material, strategy, and writing, with lots and lots of practice tests that were updated to accurately represent the current tests. When our son took the SAT, he was confident and relaxed and aced all sections of the exam, including a perfect score on the essay. We met a Stanford assistant director of admissions at a local bookstore and mentioned that Peter Baum was our son’s SAT tutor. She exclaimed “He’s a god!” We couldn’t agree more. Our son is a junior at Columbia, and planning to take both the LSAT and GMAT. We couldn’t have been more delighted to learn that Peter tutors these exams and works in New York City during summers. Over the years we have referred at least a dozen friends’ children to Peter and now enthusiastically recommend him to you.

David Kahn (Parent)
Gunn High School

Pete Baum is a master. He has more insight into how to teach the SAT than anyone else in the business. While most tutors make vague claims about “customizing” their teaching to the individual student, Pete has developed myriad methods to diagnose and resolve subtle patterns of thinking that hold back students’ scores. Here's just one example: he uses one approach for (the majority of) math students who are algebraically inclined, but has also devised an entirely different (and exceptionally clever) approach for those with a numerical bent. In my 28 years as a test prep professional—and the owner of a large, New York-based test prep firm—I have never met a tutor who matches Pete’s resourcefulness in raising scores. And, unlike many equally well-credentialed but less skilled tutors, he performs his craft efficiently, usually requiring no more than 13 hours with a student to work his magic. If you’re serious about raising your child’s SAT scores, look no further than Peter Baum.

- Frank S. Pomilla
President, TestTakers

After studying for the GMAT for months and still not getting my target score, I decided to call Peter. Peter had helped me achieve my goal on the SAT and was the first person I thought of to help me with the GMAT. After working with Peter, I reached my goal score in a short period of time. Peter helped me get over the hump and achieve my goal efficiently. Peter's understanding of testing taking strategies and ability to zone in on what a student needs to work on is unmatched and yields results. Highly recommended!

- Courtney (Student)
San Francisco

Peter Baum is the best of the best when it comes to SAT tutoring. My three children were faced with the daunting task of studying for the SAT their junior year of high school. With Peter’s guidance and expertise, they were able to improve their scores tremendously. After taking practice tests, he patiently instructed them in the areas that needed improvement, teaching and practicing these skills with them. In addition, Peter taught them practical and effective test-taking strategies that proved invaluable. Always prompt and energetic, he related well to my children. Several years later, my oldest son was studying for the GRE, living on the east coast, and wanted some extra help to prepare for the exam. He worked with Peter over Skype. The results were equally impressive, with an outstanding score on the GRE and acceptance into Harvard Business School. I highly recommend Peter Baum. His style and approach around the SATs and test-taking strategies helped my children improve their test scores, which ultimately helped them with their college and graduate school application goals

Freddy: Princeton, 2007/ Harvard 2012
Emily: Yale, 2009
Brian: Washington University in St. Louis 2012

- Lauri and Jon Flaxman
Gunn High School parents

Mr. Peter Baum has conducted SAT preparation programs for the Ceres Unified School District since 2013. He has done an outstanding job in all facets of running the program. The proprietary materials he has used have allowed students to easily pick up on the underlying concepts and strategies that are useful for the test. I have had the pleasure of observing his instruction on several occasions and he has connected well with the students and demonstrated excellent teaching skills in delivering the materials. His passion and enthusiasm were abundantly evident both to me and his students. Mr. Baum has been able to motivate our students to attend a sequence of three and a half hour classes on Saturdays, no small feat for high school students. Most importantly, the results, as measured by student improvement on the SAT, have surpassed our expectations. As a result, Mr. Baum has opened doors for a number of our students, most of whom are low income and many of whom are English learners. I would recommend his services for any school district or individual who is serious about raising their SAT scores.

Scott Siegel, Ed.D.
Ceres Unified School District
Ceres, California

As a person who has always preferred to be up-close and personal when it comes to education, I was pleasantly surprised with the remote service that Peter offers. The sessions were always easy to set up and never took me more than five minutes to access from my computer. Once we began the session, the visual and audio quality was very high. Peter's voice was always clear, and he was able to see the work I had done on my paper through the computer's camera. I never once felt as though I was missing out on anything a face to face session could offer and am incredibly happy with my results. After my time with Peter, my SAT scores have increased by over 250 points.

- Brooks Lierle

From the first moment I witnessed Pete Baum's expertise as an SAT mentor, to the present moment when I consider him the most valuable standardized-test resource available in this country, I've remained in awe. Pete combines a Princeton education with 25 years of teaching experience, then adds a tremendous sense of humor, excellent preparation skills, total reliability, AND psychological insights into ways kids learn. What a combination! Having taught English in public and private schools and observed educators in 13 different Silicon Valley schools, I know excellent teaching when I see it. Not only have I recommended scores of students to Pete, but I've entrusted my own children's standardized test-taking into his hands (both are now practicing attorneys). Peter Baum is a consummate professional; he delivers success.

- Patricia Weaver
Palo Alto, California

Peter Baum is an amazing educator who personalizes his teaching techniques to match his students' learning styles and individual needs. He is thorough and precise in his directions, and is extremely responsible, responsive and accommodating.
Peter taught our son how to prepare himself for the ACT. He helped him design a study plan that worked for him and was available to him to answer questions. Peter guided our son through the preparation process, lessening his stress and advising him how to properly focus his time and energy. And, he did it all remotely through the use of Zoom!
Our son enjoyed working with Peter, and when the day came to take the test, he was confident that he was ready and he did very well. We highly recommend Peter and will definitely have him tutor our younger daughter when it is her turn to prepare for college admissions. Peter is the best!

- Emery Weiner School (Parents)
Houston, Texas

Peter tutored me on the SAT and helped me boost my score immensely. After graduating college and working for a few years, I was looking to take the GMAT but was incredibly rusty when it came to standardized testing, so I decided to call Peter for his help again. He helped me brush up on both the material and standardized testing skills in an efficient manner, and I scored above and beyond my target score. I would highly recommend Peter for all standardized testing prep!

- Justine Huang

With such a seeming abundance of competitive options for SAT and college prep these days, it can be hard to know where and with whom to avail yourself of the quality help needed in a finite period of time in order to maximize our children's potential. Unequivocally, Pete Baum is a masterful tutor who is able to hone in on exactly those skills needed on an individual basis and connect with each student, work with them in the most efficient way possible while building their confidence and succeed in having them comfortably reach their goals. Pete worked with my daughter the summer before her junior year at one of the most rigorous prep schools of New York city, and was able to immediately assess her starting skills and build on them successfully and effectively. It was truly remarkable to watch as the results of Pete's efforts were borne out by having my daughter be accepted to her first choice university. Pete is a true standout!

- S. Liebman
New York City

Very soon after working with Peter we knew he was a master SAT Tutor. He improved each of our son’s SAT scores by over 100 points in a short period of time. He is naturally gifted in math and knows the intricacies of the SAT like no other. Through his many years of experience he knows how to work with individuals with various learning styles. He understands where your child’s confusion lies and orients his explanations to your child’s individual needs. Both our sons had different SAT tutors, prior to meeting Peter, without showing much improvement. All that changed once they started working with Peter. My sons and I highly recommend Peter. We would have saved a lot of time, energy and money had we met him sooner.

- Mary Duling (parent)
Paul and Mark (students)
Woodside Priory
Portola Valley

I took the PSAT my sophomore year of high school and was disappointed with my average score. After a friend’s recommendation, I began working with Peter Baum in the summer before my junior year. The second time I took the PSAT, I raised my score by more than 60 points (600 SAT points) and was named a National Merit Scholar. Peter continued to tutor me for the SAT and SAT IIs and I achieved similar results. Peter’s style of teaching is straightforward and to the point. HIs in-depth knowledge of the test facilitates his methodical and effective strategies for each section. I especially appreciated his clever anecdotes and witty comments. I highly recommend Peter as a SAT tutor.

Devon (Student)
Gunn High School

Peter is simply the best instructor for standardized testing. I have recommended him to many of my clients, all of whom have varying learning differences, and each one had a positive experience preparing for the SAT and ACT. In addition, Peter is proactively communicative and keeps both parents and other professionals updated regularly on a student's progress. He is knowledgeable and realistic regarding a student's test taking capabilities and probability for improvement. Peter is superbly prepared to teach entrance exam techniques, as he takes the tests himself, and analyzes the results, which he has done during his entire career. Any college or graduate school bound student would be fortunate to make it into Peter's case load."

Carol Ann McAusland, M.Ed. CAES

Two of our kids worked with Peter and he did an outstanding job getting both of them ready for the PSAT, SAT and SAT Subject Tests. The work he did demystified the tests and made the whole process a much easier and less stressful experience. Peter assessed their ability and did a great job tailoring programs to address their areas of relative weakness, refresh their memories and fill in gaps in their knowledge. Just as important, he gave them a plan and a strategic approach to the test. He has a particular gift for effectively and efficiently preparing students in just a few sessions. How would they have done without Peter? We’ll never know exactly, but probably really well. What we do know for sure is that his work allowed them to take the tests with confidence and achieve near-perfect results. Peter’s work removed a lot of anxiety (for us and our kids!) by helping to make sure they were ready for the tests. We were all thrilled with the results. We - and our children - strongly and unreservedly recommend Peter. We are happy to talk directly to any parents interested in more color on our experience.

Sacred Heart Prep (Parents)
Atherton, California

Peter has ability to identify a student’s knowledge gaps and tailored his tutoring program to be specific to my son's needs. Furthermore he is the master of getting the student to focus on the task at hand and providing the confidence that the student needs to do well on the exam. My son enjoyed meeting with him and followed his advice. Having a strong belief built by Peter and my son’s effort made the exam goal achievable! We are grateful for Peter’s commitment to my son. I have been recommending Peter to parents who are seeking help with their son or daughter’s college standardized exam preparation.

- Clare Chung

Peter Baum was instrumental in helping my children prepare for all parts of the SAT I test and several SAT II tests. Peter is dependable, smart, and deeply familiar with the kinds of questions on these tests. He seems to understand why different kids have trouble with different kinds of questions, and he tailors his sessions to meet each child’s needs. Peter is the perfect combination of “fun” and “firm” with the kids. All of our children significantly improved their scores by working with Peter, and we feel grateful to have had his help.

Lynn and Pete Wendell (Parents)
University High School

Peter's logical, meticulous encouragement allowed me to carve my mind to fit the SAT mold. He inspired me to acquire the attitude necessary to tackle a task so odious: gumption. I was able to see that the only real obstruction to a high score is a lack of test taking skills. As a less math-oriented person, Peter supplied me with the tools I needed to make up for any lack of conceptual understanding with an intimate knowledge of how to take the test, and I can't be more grateful.

Megan (Student)
Urban School

Peter Baum is worth every penny spent. Peter has made such a huge difference in my daughter's SAT prep. The jump in score is DIRECTLY related to not only my daughter's diligence but also largely due to Peter's great one on one tutoring. Trusting in Peter's scheduling of sessions and timing before the set date is also what's key to your child's ultimate success. I recommend Peter wholeheartedly to anyone who is seeking to work hard at what he offers you and who is seeking to do their personal best on the SAT.

Kim Marshall (Parent)
Sacred Heart Prep

Peter assisted our daughter to get ready for the 2011 SAT exam. Our daughter was originally cautious about getting a tutor for this (her independent streak), but after a couple of lessons, she could not wait for him to arrive and looked forward to it all day (we did Sunday evenings, 7PM). Peter was always on time, often worked extra time, and was no-nonsense and straightforward, exactly what our daughter needed. Peter tells it like it is, gives homework, demands accountability and gets it. He also gets results, our daughter increased her SAT score by 300 points over her work with Peter. We recommend him without reservation (although he is not inexpensive, but as in so many things in life, you get what you pay for).

Mike Powell (Parent)
French-American School